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Below you will find the instructions on how to add your service listing to our website. But if you think you still need some guidance please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Create Your Listing

Get your listing onto our website

Sign in and go to add/edit listing and fill out the listing form which you will find there under add listing. You may need to register to our website first. Chosse the package you want at the bottom of the form and click “add listing”. (Packages are all free at the time of submitting until approved).
Add Listing

Form Checking

Checking of submitted form for approval

After you have submitted your listing, we check it for content, and we make sure that all required information has been given. After that, you will be contacted by a member of our customer support to discuss your plan and to acquire further information if needed.
Add Listing

Get Descovered by People

Get discovered and start receiving bookings from customers

After your information had been checked and approved, you will be listed in our website with an independent private page which includes all your information plus a booking calendar for all your services and people providing it.

You will then be billed according to which package you have chosen. Instructions on how to receive your bookings will be provided to you at the time of registration.

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